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Securing Businesses with Intelligence

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Who We Are

Since its creation, TEKID has surrounded itself with experts from different backgrounds and believes in a holistic approach to Cyber Security, also called Cyber Space Safety. The synergy of Cyber Security, Legal and Operations offers a unified high-level approach and expertise that only few companies possess internally or use.

Our business core: the absolute willingness to best protect and advise our customers on the underlying risks of exploiting the Cyber Space. With a cross-cultural team of 40+ people across 4 countries, our focus is to support our customers in their daily operations, leverage their experience with ours and guide them through their business transformation.

Maxime came to Shanghai after JW & Associates won the security contest organized by the Shanghai Science and Technology Institute. He was in charge of adapting the organization structure to a worldwide market, globalizing and improving internal processes, integrating and issuing new regulations, market and strategic analysis to provide forecast and put forward a new direction for the company. Following JW & Associates he took over the services portfolio through a newly founded company, TEKID, which is an independent company.

Alongside his professional duties, Maxime is also officiating at the International Association for Privacy Professional (IAPP) as Shanghai Chapter co-chairman. He is also an active ICT Working group member of the European Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) where he attends seminars, working meetings, and is involved in EUCCC position paper reviewing activities.

In Shanghai since 2012, Alain FOULON started his career at Fargo Marketing Services as the New Business Developer Manager. For five years he sourced and identified niche markets and innovative technologies for Green Tech, Energy, and the F&B Tech in China. Working as a business bridge, his expertise of the Chinese economic environment helped foreign companies analyze potential market threats, regulations and competition. Alain Joined JW & Associates as the Key Account Manager in 2017 maintaining strong business relationships. He was also in charge of the Computer Forensic department. In 2018, Alain co-founded TEKID. Alain FOULON has a Bachelor’s Degree in European and Asian Business Relations from the French Business School EMBA and is a certified trainer from the American Counsel of Exercise, specializing in human empowerment. He was the former Shanghai UFE Youth Group leader (The Union of French living Abroad, a recognized public interest French international association).

Our Group
Our Company
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A group organization bringing Technology and Legal together

A Digital Risks Intelligence company specialized in cyber security

Investigation & Discovery

TL Group is the result of a joint-venture between Leaf and TEKID to bridge digital security and cyber regulatory framework in a holistic approach since worldwide countries are increasingly asking for Cyber space sovereignty.
It is nowadays much harder, if not impossible, to achieve satisfying results without involving these two skills alongside.

TEKID provides business-oriented services for medium-sized companies to multinational organizations. We can provide a large spectrum of services, such as cyber-attack or traditional crimes investigation, legal or technical compliance projects, non-intrusive monitoring of your digital footprint in the Cyber Space, active monitoring of your assets and resources, business analysis of your Digital and Innovation programs, or more simply with operational supports.

Our competitive edge lies in the growing fact that projects become more and more complex and require multiple expertise. TEKID has therefore developed a specific methodology called A.I.M. (Assess, Investigate, Mitigate) which guarantees a 360° approach, integrating our triple expertise from Legal, Operations and Cyber Security in all our projects. We indeed possess internal resources with various expertise and skills, from Cyber Security Engineers, Forensics engineers, Lawyers, Technical consultants, Business analysts, etc., as well as the adapted technical tools coming from leading providers.

Latest News

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Wi-Fi hotspots in coffee shops, libraries, airports, hotels, and other public places are convenient, but often they’re not secure. If you connect to a Wi-Fi network, and send information through websites or mobile apps, it might be accessed by someone else.

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With a high number of online accounts an average person has set up these days, many use the same simple password again and again. This ultimately leaves them to be preyed upon by cybercriminals on the hunt for easy targets.

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Smartphones have become part of our daily lives. They provide a more easy and fast way of getting things done. Despite the great impact it has, if smartphones are not secured then security threats may arise due to the large amount of data our smartphones have on our daily lives.

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Customer Testimonials

We had the pleasure to work with some major companies as well as smaller yet very innovative start-ups. Here is a short set of the customers we are helping, either on daily basis, under crisis moment or on a project approach. Check out our track record for further insight on how TEKID may help you.

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