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USB KILLER V2, New technology that can have huge impact on your company' security.

First, let me thanks all of you for following my articles! I had readers all over the world so far (China, France, Switzerland, Netherland, USA, UK, Canada, Amsterdam, Australia, Poland, India, Norway, Germany and Spain)

Today I would like to introduce a new technology in the Cyber crime industry that put your company at high risks, let's start right away.

USB Killer version 2

I do not have real numbers but from my experience I can say that at least 75% of Cyber crime are digital crimes without any physical arm. Well, that was before this....

the USB killer already exist since February 2015 but was "only" capable to destroy computers and most of the time it only affected the USB card chipset.

However, the creator of USB killer V2, a Russian hacker called Dark Purple (Hi buddy ;-) hope your doing well?) was not entirely satisfied and created a second version. This v2 is capable, by storing progressively energy, to deliver 220V through the USB port. It now can kill 100% of USB card and almost every time the motherboard as well.

That's fine, it's only a prototype... right?

With the second version a Hong Kong company find nothing better than to sale this USB key... Officially for professional cyber security company...

Not a single chance that pro company like mine by such device! To do what? destroy the computers/servers of our customers?

The most concerning fact is that they sold all of them in a few days. (around thousands pieces)

This USB killer will (normally) don't destroy your hard-disk but, seriously, most of big company process will not investigate so far. When they will discover that your computer totally burned to the ground, specially if it's a notebook or tablet, they will not take time to unplug HD and transfer data.

Infinite possibilities to screw a company

Imagine I plug this USB Key into a SCADA system (System that monitor and control automatic machinery). It will be like killing the electronics of a train, at full speed! For some industries, only the time you will take to notice the attacks and start an emergency shut down of your machines will be far too late.

Furthermore, the fun fact is that you have USB port E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!

In network devices, machines, car, automatic distributors, ATM, Phones (even IPhone you can have a lightning to USB connector), Entry door system, CCTV, ...

This killing USB take only several second to charge and kill. IF by any chance your computer was lucky the first time, the USB will recharge again and again until it doesn't receive electricity anymore. (meaning your computer is dead)

What are the gains for hackers?

Firstly, they will have fun (yes, sadly to say that) or only to prove how vulnerable your IT is by just destroying 1 or 2 items. Secondly, it's also a very powerful way to proceed with industrial hijacking and there is plenty of way to achieve that with this small device. Thirdly, for technical reason that I will not explain here, crashing a computer or server can open breaches into your company' security.

My conclusion:

I do love this USB killer because, once again, it is a great example about how Cyber Security and Physical Security are 2 faces of the same coin!

Original post: USB KILLER V2, New technology that can have huge impact on your company' security.

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