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What is Happening?
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  • By Maxime OLIVA

Smile, you are the product and you've been raped...

Have you ever wonder why Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, QQ, and so on are delivering free services to you? How do they make money? How can such companies are so beneficial?

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  • By Maxime OLIVA

USB KILLER V2, New technology that can have huge impact on your company' security.

First, let me thanks all of you for following my articles! I had readers all over the world so far (China, France, Switzerland, Netherland, USA, UK, Canada, Amsterdam, Australia, Poland, India, Norway, Germany and Spain)

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  • By Maxime OLIVA

DARKNET, a web designed to be protective but finally becoming harmful!

Most of you have already heard about the DARKNET but none of you, or only a few, know exactly what it is... Be at ease, it's more easy to understand than Bitcoin chain!

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