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Digital Changes Alter Security Needs.

Although variety of opportunities are brought to light by digital transformation, for today’s companies it also creates challenges in addition. The rising security needs that come with an increasing digital footprint are amongst the most prevalent. Digital transformation is a process that all businesses need to go through however, there are increasing security risks that should be addressed in the digital transformation.

Lingering attack surface.

The more business operations move into the digital space, the extra chances there are for hackers and other bad actors. There are new potential places of access, making it challenging for companies to capture all vulnerabilities and keep track of all threats.

Additionally, the possibility for hackers to move across a company’s network once they gain access to one system is high. This suggests that a network is only as secure as its weakest point. The condition is made even more challenging by isolated security products, which limit visibility into the network.

Higher potential for damage

The possibility for destruction due to a data breach or hack is also larger than it has ever been. Data is tremendously important to businesses today, and with an increase in devices being internet-connected, they are vulnerable to being hacked.

Some of these devices and technologies are involved in critical activities. An event in which a cyber-attack disrupts some of these activities could have severe implications. For example, the energy grid, hospital equipment and vehicles all now have digital components. Also, the more heavily an organization depends on digital technologies, the more damaging an attack could be.

Increased Sophistication Of Attacks

Hackers are rapidly changing their techniques and becoming more sophisticated by using artificial intelligence and other advanced tech.

Security Solutions For The Digital Transformation

  • Provide training to staff.
  • Automate security practices.
  • Access and Identity Control
  • Cloud Security
  • Perform regular vulnerability and penetration testing.
  • Integrate security systems.
  • Consult with a trusted and expert security consulting and engineer firm.


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