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Securing Your Website.

In recent years, web browsers have been identifying websites that are not secure. Web browsers have begun warning users when the website they are visiting is not secure. In addition, browsers have also started redirecting users to a warning page before they enter a website that is not secure.

An insecure website has the potential to hurt your website’s performance, and subsequently your business, in many ways than one. Consumers and site visitors hesitate to purchase items/services from websites that are not secure.

Here are some expert tips to get you started on your safe journey.


HTTPS has now become a consensus for the web standards. As modern web browsers would suggest, a website with trusted SSL certificate is marked as secure. Delivering your website through HTTPS channel is considered as a secure site and authenticates your identity to the visitors.


When developing your website, always have security in your mindset. Secure cookies with Secure and HttpOnly attributes, encrypted and signed AJAX communication with JWT technique, etc., are key aspects you should focus during the design and implementation phrase.


Delivery and deployment of your website is not the end. You must employ follow-up active maintenance. Lack of efficient maintenance may lead to out-of-date dependencies, which might have renown vulnerabilities, and failure to quick response in case of attacks, which might have irreversible and outstanding damages to both your website and your business image to your target customers.


In most of the cases, cyber-attacks or data breaches are due to lack of adequate security protection and neglect of existing vulnerability. Security audit is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing (or ranking) the vulnerabilities in a system, which provides an idea of security level in such system and an action plan for remediation and mitigation of vulnerabilities identified.


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