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White collar crimes: Are you prepared?

It is well known that white collar crimes are one of the biggest and most expensive threat a corporation can face. It is reported to cost over $1.45 trillions worldwide.

The average amount that is taken during an armed robbery of a bank is estimated at $3,137. In comparison, the average computer-based white collar crime may bring in a loss as high as $500,000.

Needless to say that companies do take the threat very seriously.

However, the resources engaged in such control and audit are far too often limited to internal processes. It further raise a conflict of interest when internally investigating and monitoring your employees.

So what does companies lack to have efficient control and audit capabilities?

A reliable partner with adequate capabilities (i.e. Technical, operational and legal):

  • Whistle blowing systems (which is mandatory in some countries) to offer capabilities to your employees to report any malicious, illegal, and non-ethic behaviors

  • UEBA (Users and Endpoint Behavior Analysis) to monitor and raise alerts before serious white collar crimes happens;

  • Computer Forensics when the crimes or heavy suspicions is pointing to someone or a group of persons and further requires legal evidences.

and easily accessible financial data:

  • For evaluation of financial investment, TEKID have applied its expertise into a simple online questionnaire for computer forensic services. check-out this link.

  • As to loss avoided, it can be detected and reported when proper systems and processes are deployed, part of an Insider Threats Program (ITP).

I recommend to visit our website to find all the necessary information and few case study to prevent this from happening to you!

Original post: White collar crimes: Are you prepared?

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