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What is Happening?
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  • By Tlhalefo NTSHUMAELO

Security Mindset Tips.

It has remained said that breaches will grow to be more common and frequent. Corporations will remain struggling for the finest methods to shield company and customer data. To get ahead of the herd, we advise for companies to go to work on embracing a active mindset to cybersecurity.

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  • By Tlhalefo NTSHUMAELO

Digital Changes Alter Security Needs.

The rising security needs that come with an increasing digital footprint are amongst the most prevalent. Digital transformation is a process that all businesses need to go through however, there are increasing security risks that should be addressed in the digital transformation.

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  • By Alain FOULON

RANSOMWARE: an escalating threat

Recently, ransomware operators have adapted their tactics. The reason why? Organizations are learning and changing their practices: they are now better prepared to face and internally tackle a ransomware attack (manual restoration, backups, etc.), and less prone to pay the ransom.

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